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الموضوع: ONYX ~ Windows Mobile 6.1 & 6.5 ROMs ~ HTC Elf and Elfin

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    ONYX ~ Windows Mobile 6.1 & 6.5 ROMs ~ HTC Elf and Elfin

    sorry i cant type in arabic,,,but i want u all 2 see that roms,,, its amazing and u can say 99% workin great,,
    here i will let u see the room with a pics so it will help

    ~ ONYX ~
    Windows Mobile 6.1 & 6.5 ROMs

    (For Elf and Elfin - HTC Touch GSM only)

    WM 6.1 version: CE OS 5.2.21055 (Build 21055.1.6.8)
    WM 6.5.x version: CE OS 5.2.28002 (Build 28002.5.3.0)


    Onyx supports User Customization (UC)!
    Automatically install your own programs and customizations straight from memory card after flashing
    Onyx with Windows Mobile 6.1 (above) ...
    A version of Onyx without the Manila 2D interface is also available!

    ... and with Windows Mobile 6.5 (below)

    Windows Mobile 6.5 ROMs

    ONYX 6
    Windows Mobile 6.5.x Beta (new soft key menu; X button on bottom)

    ONYX 5
    Original version of Windows Mobile 6.5
    http://www.alocala.com/ if u want 2 choose another lang

    Windows Mobile 6.1 ROMs

    Use these ROMs for best performance and battery life

    ROM Features:

    The following list is for Onyx Ultimate 4.x and Onyx 5.x. Please see the FAQ for details on Onyx Jr. and Micro.
    • ROM version: 3.14.706.02 WWE
    • UC 2.0-compliant ROM
    • ULDR partition removed, allowing 3MB extra storage
    • Opera Mini 4.2 browser - fastest browser, cheaper for data plan, can sync bookmarks online
    • In-call Recording
    • Google Maps with Street View and Latitude
    • HTC YouTube
    • Rogers Name Display (for those who subscribe to this service)
    • Page Pool of 12MB for Elfins and 4MB for Elfs
    • Connection Setup with updated provider database
    • psShutXP - a rare version with full shutdown capability!
    • EzInput Keyboard by DupinBJK (version RC2) - more support for languages than the one found in shipped ROMs
    • Phone Canvas
    • Updated Regional Settings - includes Chinese regions
    • No "butter finger" (unexpected scrolling) issue
    • No issue with zero in-call volume
    • Power Settings will show exact battery % rather than bars
    • Streaming video support
    • Mortscript
    • .NET Framework 3.5
    • Marshall Wait Cursor
    • Arcsoft MMS
    • Schap's Advanced Configuration 3.3
    • Cyberon Voice Speed Dial 1.2
    • Esmertec Jbed 5.1
    • Pocket RAR
    • PPC PIM Backup
    • Total Commander 2.51
    • Microsoft Daylight Savings Time Update (KB949168)
    • Microsoft Email Hotfix (KB958639)
    • Internet Explorer
    • HTC Random Access for Contacts
    • USB to PC Popup
    • Internet Sharing
    • Audio Booster
    • ... and more
    Removed from ROM:

    These can be re-installed separately. The following list is for Onyx Ultimate. Please see the FAQ for details on Onyx Jr. and Micro.
    • HTC Cube
    • Powerpoint
    • Adobe Reader
    • Solitare and Bubble Breaker
    • Windows Live Messenger
    • IA_Zip
    • HTC Home
    • Cyberon Voice Commander
    • JBlend Java
    • RSS Hub
    • Microsoft OneNote
    • SQL CE Mobile
    • Customer Experience Feedback
    • Service Quality Metrics (replaced with no2chem's dummy SQM)
    • IPSec VPN
    • Transcriber
    • Enterprise
    • Windows Update
    • ... and more
    and for more visit this forum

    Bassam Haddad

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    جزاك الله خيراً
    ولا تنسى وضع اسم الجهاز المتوافق مع الروم فى العنوان ليكون أسهل على الأعضاء

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    hmmmmm 70 visit and 1 replay
    Bassam Haddad

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    مستجد الصورة الرمزية QAYaLaNi
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